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Gobe from Selangor wrote on September 13, 2018 at 10:35 pm:
Dear Mr. Richard & Ms. Lily,
My family and I wish to convey our thanks to you for your excellent service in managing our late father-in-law/father's funeral so professionally and passionately. We were all very touched with the way everything was handled. Great job Mr. Richard, Ms. Lily & team. A very big 'THANK YOU' once again.

Best Wishes,
Gobe & Vidya
Dr Sanjay from Rawang wrote on September 13, 2018 at 2:44 pm:
Richard, lily, and team (,Azman, Gman, Pariz and Khairul)..
On behalf of my family, i would like to thank u for your services rendered.. Besides the superb proffesionalism, the thing that was most important for us was how you took care of our mum/wife Visha.
You and your team showed so much compasion and care to my mum and all of us grieving family members.. You took care of everything.. Nothing was spared.. This gave us the space to grieve as a family and pray for her soul, without worrying about anything.
We are grateful to our relative who introduced us to you.. Will definately recommend your services to others..
God bless u all.

Sadasivan, Sanjay, Jeishen, Hari, Connie, May, Mell, Keesha, Jayven and Jayden
Mahaletchimy Cartelli d/o Savrimuthu from Kuala Lumpur wrote on September 1, 2018 at 12:35 pm:
On behalf of my family, I would like to thank all of you for your great service rendered to my demised beloved Amma (Mrs Kamala Devi Savrimuthu).

I can't imagine that unforgettable Monday morning at the GH without you and your team. You all were a great support for all of us on that day. Our special thanks to Lilianna for her patience and words of comfort for my dear sister and me. It means a lot to us.

Million thanks and god bless you all.

Danke für Ihre liebevolle Begleitung bei dem Todesfall unserer Mutter (Frau Kamala Devi Savrimuthu.)

Best wishes,
Maha,Jaya,Chris,Warren and Cavin
Frankfurt, Germany
Tammy from Petaling Jaya wrote on August 25, 2018 at 7:21 pm:
Richard & Lili

Thank you for standing by us in our moment of need and supporting us in our final farewell to our dearest husband and father. The event went so seamlessly well from start to end, it is still difficult to fathom how we made it through in one piece as a family given his very sudden departure. Your dedication and professionalism are to be highly commended.

Best wishes

Pearly, Tammy and Timothy
Dr Radha Kesavapillai wrote on August 23, 2018 at 10:46 am:
Dear Richard & Lily.

At a moment of deep grief & sorrow, you both were a great source of comfort. You were with me at a moment when I neede comfort.
Your services were just awesome. The backdrop & the whole arrangement gave an heavenly, calm & peaceful environment.
People who came said that it did not look like a funeral house as they could feel only peace sorrounding them.
You made it all a beautiful occassion to celebrate Dr Gift's journey to God in heaven. Thank you.

Dr Radha Kesavapillai
Joey Too from Kuala Lumpur wrote on August 20, 2018 at 10:58 pm:
Dear Richard, Lily and team,

Our heartiest grattitude to both of you and team from me & my family members.

You have shown us your Love & Care besides your professionalism. you stood by us as though you are one of our family members during my beloved late mum's funeral. We really appreciate it!

Your service rendered to us is beyond our expectation.
Both of you have arranged everything professionally and perfectly from A TO Z. WELL DONE !

Richard & Lily, you are God's blessing to us.

Million thanks & May God bless both you !
Jien from Kuching wrote on August 9, 2018 at 11:51 pm:
Dear Richard and Lily,

Our heartiest grattitude to you and team whom has definitely did a perfect job. I would say it was not easy for us especially when we were from abroad and things just happened out of our expectation.Thank you for your perfect service from A to Z, and also those extra mile things you did for our family. A big thumb up from us and god bless to you and family.
Sabrina Jane Anthony from Kuala lumpur wrote on July 26, 2018 at 8:22 pm:
This was the most difficult time of my life.Richard was amazing who made everything super easy and fast. He went the extra mile in making sure everything was perfect. Lily on the other hand was God sent as an angel who comforted and made sure everything was organized and beautiful. The entire team was just what I needed to go through this semslessly.

Thank you to the team for your genuine concern, care and comfort. God bless you always.
Bernard Yee Fook Loy from Kuala Lumpur wrote on July 21, 2018 at 6:37 pm:
Thank You. In my time of sorrow there are those like Richard and Lily whose action gives comfort and peace of mind. I may say a perfect team that cares and help from their heart. They get everything organised without me lifting a finger. A million Thanks for your comfort.
HIPPOLYTE M.D.ANTONY from Petaling Jaya wrote on July 18, 2018 at 5:24 pm:
Hi Dear Richard and Lily it was wonderful to have your services for the funeral of my late mother in law Annamary. We the family members along with most friends and relatives are pleased with your arrangements and services for the funeral.Everything was good and well.You have a very unique way with attention and the little kind things you did for us.You and your team were excellent.Cheers keep up and maintain your high standard of professionalism.
Regards Hippolyte and on behalf of family
Colin Abayasundra from Kuala Lumpur wrote on July 18, 2018 at 4:05 pm:
Dear Richard and Lily,

A big thank you from me and my family for handling our late dad's funeral. Your presence right from the hospital till the collection of his ashes made the journey less painful. You and your wife gave us your personal touch and we are forever thankful to you and your team.

Colin Abayasundra
Dameon from Perth wrote on July 18, 2018 at 12:37 pm:
Richard & Lily took care of everything when my father my father unexpectedly passed away in KKB. They were professional, honest & accommodating. We are all grateful for their work.
Jasmyn Tay from Kuala Lumpur wrote on June 22, 2018 at 3:55 pm:
Dear Richard & Lily,

A BIG THANK YOU to both of you from me & my family members.

You have shown us your Love & Care besides your professionalism. you stood by us as though you are one of our family members during my beloved uncle's funeral. We really appreciate it!

Your service rendered to us is beyond our expectation. in fact, from the 1st call I spoke to you (lily) I knew i can trust you with the arrangement of this funeral. When you (Richard) came to the house, I felt so comfortable with you knowing that you will handle everything with care.

Both of you have arranged everything professionally and perfectly from A TO Z. WELL DONE !

Richard & Lily, you are God's blessing to us.

Thanks a Million !

Durga from PJ wrote on June 9, 2018 at 9:53 am:
We received the most professional service, advice and care from Richard and the amazing Lili during one of the most difficult times our family was facing. The attention to detail and thorough advice set this company apart from the rest. We didn’t have to worry or thing about any of the arrangements because it was anticipated and handled for us every step of the way. Highly recommend Heaven Funeral Care.
May Lin from Petaling Jaya wrote on May 4, 2018 at 1:35 am:
Although I am very good organiser, this is the first time I have been involved in the arrangement of a funeral so as you can imagine, I was lost from the start. When someone passes away or is about to pass away, it is a very sad time. It can also be a time of confusion if no one is willing to take charge of the funeral arrangements. This can be due to apathy or more likely in our society, due to superstition (we are Chinese).

My elderly auntie was a Catholic and we knew she would like a Catholic funeral (wake, service, burial etc). On the face of it, it looks like a simple matter but when you explore further, there are certain obligations to fulfil before you can proceed with anything.

When I contacted Richard I knew from his voice and manner that this was someone I could work with. He said he worked with his wife Lili and they would both meet me soon, and they both turned up on time and were very sensitive to our family circumstances. I had a long list of questions and they had the answers. As I mentioned earlier, I had never organised anything like this before. Richard and Lili went through the procedures gently and step-by-step. Because of this, I was not afraid to consider what would happen when my auntie passed away. I was also not afraid of the criticism what would inevitably come my way from the relatives, because I had confidence that Richard and Lili would carry out everything according to plan and would not let us down.

Let me give you one example of Richard and Lili’s dedication to helping us with our requests. My auntie, a long time ago (late 1940s or early 1950s), joined a specific Catholic Order. When she joined, she was given a robe and she wished to be buried with it. The robe has since been misplaced or lost. Lili said she would try to order a new robe for us (from the Vatican I guess) but this might not arrive in time. Richard then managed to contact a lady (Rose) who now runs this Order and put us in touch with her. She explained that the Vatican has said that the Tau Cross (a wooden cross in the shape of the Greek letter tau) can be used instead of the robe. Rose came to visit my auntie in hospital, just before she passed away, and brought the cross with her.

Another example concerned the obituary which, due to some logistical and technical complications, would not be published in time for the wake. Richard talked to all the parties concerned and got this out in proper time.

When you read Heaven Funeral Care’s business card and it says they can be contacted 24/7, I assure you they really mean it. I have contacted them at all sorts of hours. When I left for the UK (my sister in Malaysia and cousin from Australia took over the arrangements from then on) I knew that whatever the time difference, I could rely on an answer. The answers were always courteous and reassuring. Personally, I do not know how Richard and Lili do it because there must be different clients to juggle, different requests, possibly difficult situations to handle. One of the bonus points for us is that Lili speaks Hakka which the older members of our family speak. She even recorded messages for one auntie as she realised it was easier for her to listen to the answers in Hakka than to read the text message in English. I am sure Lili speaks Mandarin and Cantonese as well, possibly other Chinese Dialects.

The arrangements after my auntie passed away were handled very well. Many people gave their opinions on this, that and the other. This is why you need a professional in charge of matters and you need just one or two members of the family liaising with the funeral organisers. Richard and Lili always kept in touch with my sister and cousin, and when they relayed some last minute request or worry, a solution was found to the satisfaction of all parties.

Richard and Lili were in attendance and helped at the wake, the funeral and the burial. All the relatives were impressed and in the end they said ‘Good Job’, ‘Well Done’. I am not sure if they said this directly to Richard and Lili but I know they meant it. For us who contacted and worked with Heaven Funeral Care (me and one auntie in the beginning and then my sister and cousin after that) we know this was a couple sent by God because things were already so sad and complicated, that to have an insensitive or impersonal funeral organiser and service would be too much to handle.

I don’t think words can convey our gratitude to Richard and Lili for guiding us through this time, but I will say THANK YOU once more. I have no hesitation in recommending Heaven Funeral Care to anyone who is considering their help, guidance and services.
Sambath Kumar from Bandar Kinrara, Puchong wrote on April 29, 2018 at 12:43 pm:
Sometimes by sheer luck you come across an unexpected gem in a service provider which you thought didn’t exist in Malaysia. We were lucky to find such recently while searching for a funeral service provider called Heaven Funeral Care. My mother in law passed away on 24/4/2018 due to cancer. She was already getting in and out of hospital over the last few years but eventually she succumbed to the inevitable.

We were prepared for the moment and didn’t want to wait for the news, hence started searching for a funeral service provider who can prepare us for the situation with the least amount of distress during the funeral time. A search in the internet came up several with names and Heaven Funeral Care was one of them which caught my eye. After contacting the listed providers, my wife and I shortlisted the most suitable one to Heaven Funeral Care. This was due to the professional manner Richard explained the services and packages available. Price was not much different amongst the providers.

We kept Richard at the back of our minds until the early morning of 24th April, when my wife received a call from the hospital saying mother has passed away. We were prepared for this moment and make the call to Richard to meet us at the hospital for the funeral preparation. He promptly responded and told us he will be at the hospital to make the necessary arrangements.

It not common for Indians to prepare beforehand for a funeral due to the intense ceremony, rituals, beliefs, prejudice and multiple advise from family members and relatives. We, however felt not to follow the norm but decide to change the manner how we treat not only the dearly departed but also the guest who made the time and effort to come pay their last respect to the deceased. We have been following rituals for far too long without asking why these rituals are performed and neglect the wellbeing of our family, relatives and friends present to pay their respects at our homes. Hence my wife and I planned much earlier to hold the funeral service at a funeral parlour, even though we live in a landed property, to provide a proper send off for the dearly departed and also a conducive place for all those attending the service.

The funeral package we choose was a complete 3 days service, inclusive of the release of the deceased from the mortuary and getting the death certificate until the final rites in the sea on the 3rd day. It was such a relief for the family not be running around to make various arrangements like selecting the coffin, calling for tent, tables/chairs, flowers, the priest, food, etc. My wife and I always believed, irrespective what event it might be for, whether it is a birthday, wedding or funeral, the most important person to care for is the guest. We rather spend money on the food/drinks and a convenient venue to provide a good and memorable moment for the guest than beautify and obsessed ourselves with expensive clothes and jewellery, thus neglecting the invitees.

The funeral parlour concept was chosen to provide an air-conditioned venue with chairs for everyone to be relaxed and calm. Richard and his team were present to arrange, manage and clean the place constantly during the crucial 2 days. Lili was forever running with her feet on wheels, ensuring everything is in its place. There was constant coffee/tea and water for guests. My wife bought crisps and wafer bars for guest to keep the tummy happy. The package included light food (vegetarian noodles, curry-puffs, vadas) served at the wake on the first day. Food was served again on the second day to have a peace of mind rather than going hungry before and after the funeral service.

Richard, the missus along with the rest of the staff provided a well-organized service place according to the arrangements we wished for, down to the flower type and colour. The final service at the crematorium was also performed without any hiccups. Family and friends were taken care there too by the team.

It was refreshing to see everyone in Heaven Funeral Care take care, pride and meticulous detail in their respective work. Truly amazing! Richard and team were perpetually prepared for any shortcoming and jumped to rectify things quickly.

Many who came for the occasion were impressed and didn’t expect a Hindu funeral service can be arranged professionally, compared to when the service is performed at home with the noise, smoke, wetness, heat, lack of space, restroom issues, food and water. I believe there are some who wish funerals can be done in a proper arranged way, but are afraid to break the tradition, the backlash from elders and also at times from certain individuals who think they know more than the rest but in reality are just following these practises without really understanding the meaning. Times have changed and we need to adapt certain practises to suit our present environment, situation and surroundings. Heaven Funeral Care has given a fresh breath this can be done.

My family thank Richard and his team and wish them all the success in their future undertakings. Keep up the standards and better yourselves to always have an upper hand to the rest. Your service made the difference!!!
SHEILA MORGAN from KLANG wrote on March 26, 2018 at 7:58 pm:
Dearest Richard and Lili.

Extending our gratitude to the funeral director for managing the whole funeral process in such a good way.

Our family were devastated by the loss of late Mr.K.Balamorgan Kanniah Naidu our beloved father, a husband, father in law, tatha, and even more so, it was truly a devastating process to deal with. But when we contacted RICHARD, he was kind to help us to give our beloved father a great send-off with all his heart.
When dealing with Richard and Lili, throughout the initial contact to committal, we found them both to be very understanding, sincere and dignified in their dealings.

Your kindness made everything so much easier. It takes a good heart to handle this and i would thoroughly recommend Heaven Funeral Care to any grieving family to place their trust in Richard n Lili and his team in arranging the funeral for your loved one.
Lin from Singapore wrote on March 25, 2018 at 12:36 am:
The service provided by Richard, Lili and their team was beyond excellent. Their patience, professionalism and punctuality was evident right from our very first meeting, and the excellence was upheld every step of the way.

Throughout the process, they became more than just service providers. Their personal touch and their presence throughout was very much comforting. In our time of bereavement, they became friends who were ever ready to listen and share words of comfort and advice. Their attention to detail also meant that we never had to worry about anything as they would have had it all planned out meticulously.

My heartfelt thanks to you Richard, Lili and not forgetting your very attentive team of helpers too. You have been such a blessing during our time of bereavement. You guys truly went above and beyond in every step of the way. Please accept my sincere apology for this long overdue feedback.

Thank you and may God bless you always.
Shan from Kuala Lumpur wrote on March 22, 2018 at 5:12 pm:
Dear Richard and Lily ,

Thank you very much for your prompt and professional services during my uncle's funeral. Richard thank you for coming to the mortuary during the wee hours , you have the right mannerism and temperament during such sad and difficult moments so much so that you have become more than just a service provider , you have actually become a friend. I also thank Liliana for being so meticulous, diligent and precise in her planning and execution your services during the funeral , sometimes her constant and unrelenting desire to maintain order, cleanliness and neatness borders OCD, but its worth every effort she puts in as it really reflects her passion to maintain a high degree professionalism of your services. In fact even your team of helpers right from their attire , punctuality and diligence is admirable. This is a thankless job that requires a lot patience, diligence and compassion and you guys certainly reflect these qualities. May God's favour rest on you.
Shan from KL wrote on March 18, 2018 at 7:48 am:
Dear Richard and Liliana,

Thank you for being there personally right from midnight at HKL till the very end of all rites including scattering the ashes at sea for my uncle's funeral . I really appreciate :
1. Your ( Richard)humility and personal touch during bereavement you're not just providing a service but became a friend and that's comforting.

2. Liliana takes great pride and passion in her work , her eye for detail in constant neatness, cleanliness and planning is simply amazing ,its par excellence .

3. Your staff conduct themselves very professionally in their mannerism, attire and services.

I like the fact that you don't tout and harass customers at hospitals and mortuaries but depend on good referrals, for that I give you A1 Star rating. God's favour rest upon you .