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  • Dinesh, Banu and Sundari / June 30, 2019:
    Our family used Heaven Funeral Care services recently after our...
  • Shilpa & Mark / May 28, 2019:
    Dear Richard and Lili, On behalf of our family, we...
  • Dr Mathan Raj and family / May 27, 2019:
    We were very satisfied to Mr Richard and his team...
  • Jayaraj Menon / May 3, 2019:
    Dear Richard and Liliana, The funeral services rendered during my...
  • Alex Ritchie / April 29, 2019:
    Richard and Lili provide a personal touch to their funeral...
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About Heaven Funeral Care

Heaven Funeral Care has been drawn to this work by a strong realization that every life has meaning and deserves to be celebrated and celebrated well. Our mission is to create a ceremony that reflect the wishes, beliefs, cultural background and values – religious or non- religious – of your loved one and your family.

You have complete choice of and final approval over the ceremony. Nothing is imposed on you. Our job is to help the living say goodbye to the deceased the way they wish to say it.

With compassion, sincerity and great care, we conduct the ceremony at residence, parlour, cemetery or a memorial location of your choice. Above all, the funeral reflects the wishes of the family and the deceased. Heaven Funeral Care honours death and celebrates life.

Heaven Funeral Care understands that the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult as is the accompanying grief, hence the support and comfort provided by our staff helps those coping with these complex emotions.

Our company offers a wide array of funeral service option to accommodate the varied needs of families. Our staff of highly trained funeral professionals will help you create a meaningful funeral experience for your loved ones.

Our professionally trained team of embalmers and beauticians are dedicated to exceptional services that will leave comforting imprints on family members.

When you choose Heaven Funeral Care, you receive personalised service with the assurance of the highest standards of quality, added value, compassionate care and customer satisfaction. We assist families with funeral, burial and cremation services with a one stop professional service.

Our company is able to source cemetery plots on behalf of our clients with Semenyih Hill, Nirvana Memorial Park , Nilai Memorial Park, Rawang Memorial Park, Fairy Park, Lutheran Gardens and other cemeteries.

We provide attractive promotional packages for your loved ones.

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